To develop a robust AI-Index as a credible source for all decision-making related to research, education, employment and policy in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The index will track and provide an unbiased and comprehensive data-analysis for researchers, industry executives and policymakers to further their understanding of the field of AI in India.

Artificial intelligence (AI), especially machine learning (ML), has been regarded as the most important general-purpose technology (GPT) of our era. Recent innovations in ML are engendering economically significant applications across diverse sectors and occupations. ML technologies such as deep learning, image & speech recognition, natural language processing, and predictive analytics have empowered machines to match, or even surpass, human capabilities of performing certain types of tasks. However, the interactions between machines and humans, in turn, the nature of impacts of AI on labour markets remains under-investigated, especially in the context of emerging economies such as India.

There is limited understanding and sparse data, particularly in the Indian context, on the size and scope of impact of AI on firms, including shifts in the quantum and nature of employment and human capital development. 

This portal is a sincere attempt to address this gap and provide an unbiased and comprehensive view for reseachers, executives and policymakers related to the field of AI in India.

In this report, we present the outputs of two research studies that were conducted with generous support from Intel.​

In the first study, we describe the construction of occupational and sectoral indices for: (a) Suitability for Machine Learning (SML), (b) Amenability to Remote Work (RWI), and (c) Need for Human Proximity (NHP). These indices were built using the results of the Suitability to Machine Learning survey that solicited responses from more than 3000 workers across all 106 occupations in the Indian economy. The indices allow for an understanding of the heterogeneous impacts of technological change and exogeneous shocks such as the recent COVID pandemic on labor markets. Two research studies that use these indices are also presented in the report:​

  • When does work-from-home work? (Research paper available here)

  • The Impact of Job Need for Human Proximity and Communication Technologies on Remote Work Efficacy (Research paper available here)  ​

In the second study, we present the results of our Future of Work survey that solicited responses from over 300 firms on their investments in AI technologies and complementary organizational changes. The study provides insights into the nature of AI adoption in firms, the nature of AI investments in firms, the impact of AI & its benefits, and firm-level changes to realize the benefits of AI.

Areas of Study

Suitability of Machine Learning (SML)

Suitability of Machine Learning          (SML)

Assess the suitability of machine learning and the resultant susceptibility of 106 Indian occupations, as defined by the National Classification of Occupations (NCO 2004). 
Remote Work & Need for Human Proximity

Remote Work (RWI) & Need for Human Proximity (NHP)

Scoring Indian occupations and sectors based on their amenability for remote work and the need for human proximity while task execution.
State of AI in India

State of AI in India                                                                                                        

Extend the discussion on AI beyond automation of jobs and pervasive labour substitution to include a more nuanced commentary on the interaction between machine and humans, job redesign for the future and re-engineering of businesses and business processes. 


Principal Investigator


Deepa Mani

Professor, Information Systems, ISB Research Fellow, Executive Director - SRITNE



Nikhil Madan

Assistant Professor - Organisational Behaviour



Shekhar Tomar

Assistant Professor - Economics & Public Policy

Research Assistance


Abhishek Bhatia

Research Associate

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The AI Index is an initiative that focuses on monitoring the AI readiness and adoption patterns in India. This initiative is a work-in-progress and will be constantly evolving as we expand our data-sets and delve deeper into the world of AI.