Implementation of AI and machine learning have a major impact on firm’s efficiency. The growing popularity of AI has led firms to effect investments in technology to increase sales, detect frauds, automate work processes, and improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

Our objective here is to understand the complementary organizational shifts brought about by the implementation of AI. To achieve this, we commissioned a survey of over 301 firms that have employed Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning in their organization. 

The below resources will help managers in making informed decisions about adoption and exploitation of AI/ ML technologies.

Nature of AI Adoption in Firms

Nature of AI Investments in Firms

The Impact of AI & its benefits

Firm-Level Changes to Realize Benefits of AI

The advent of AI into business has not only improved efficiency of firms, but also carries the potential to transform the core business model and processes. We found several valuable findings on the nature of AI adoption, related investments, the firm-level impact and benefits of AI, and the changes firms are effecting to realize the benefits of AI implementation.

The study underlines the growing importance ascribed to AI by Indian firms. From this study, we believe that the readers will obtain a sound understanding of the nature and scope of AI implementation in Indian firms along with the corresponding employment shifts.

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The AI Index is an initiative that focuses on monitoring the AI readiness and adoption patterns in India. This initiative is a work-in-progress and will be constantly evolving as we expand our data-sets and delve deeper into the world of AI.